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There are other medical complications associated with depression in addition to the cardiovascular complications which are outlined in my separate synopsis, Association Between Depression and Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Premature Death, & Suicide."


Other serious medical complications associated with depression include the following:


Depression - Immunologic Effects


1. Depression can cause decreased immune response.


2. Depression-induced decrease in killer T-Cells and function of T-Cells has been reported. This increases susceptibility to infection. Since cancer cells are constantly being made but are destroyed by the immunologic system, it is medically probable that a person may be at higher risk for cancer if they have this depression-induced immunologic T-Cell response/dysfunction.


Depression - Fibromyalgia


Depression or pain-induced sleep deficit may predispose a person to the development of fibromyalgia and may also compromise immunologic alterations which may predispose a patient towards development of fibromyalgia.


Depression - Sleep Disturbance


Depression-associated sleep disturbance further impairs the immunologic competence. In addition, resulting fatigue impairs coordination, increasing the risk of serious accident, such as auto accidents.


Depression - Endocrine Disorder


Depression reduces cortisol levels, thus worsening preexisting diabetes mellitus and decreasing imune response.


Depression - Osteoporosis


Depression has been associated with osteoporosis (New England Journal of Medicine).

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